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Women in Leadership, also known as Women’s Empowerment, is a national nonprofit organization dedicated to empowering women through financial, professional, social, and personal support. The mission of Women’s Empowerment is to empower women through leadership development and providing leadership training. Since its inception, Women Empowerment has provided support for women facing barriers to advance their careers, obtain financial security, and achieve personal and professional goals. Through the Women’s Empowerment network, women can connect with other women who have similar goals and dreams. Through networking, women are able to share their experiences and learn from each other’s successes and failures.

One of the most effective ways that women can be as leaders is by being visible leadership. By being visible, women show everyone that they have the skills and the personality to be successful and capable leaders. Being visible leadership requires women to project an image that is positive about their strengths. One example of being visible leadership is when women as leaders speak up and speak out.

A large majority of women do not participate in formal leadership positions during their lifetime. Women often times feel held back and do not excel at a career based leadership positions such as management, IT positions, etc. Women that are members of Women’s Empowerment encourage women to become active participants in community and civic affairs. Many women face barriers to advancement in the business because of gender issues. Many women are successful in business but face challenges because of gender discrimination and bias.

Women are not born with the ability to be successful in the workplace. It takes years of hard work, determination, creativity, and perseverance to be an effective workplace leader. Workplace barriers for women are often caused by unconscious or systemic gender biased behaviors. There are several techniques that are used to combat these behaviors. These techniques include organizing a safe workplace, promoting a healthy work/life balance, and using cultural competency theory.

Organizations must commit to gender equality if they want to achieve true gender equality in the workplace. If women are not able to succeed at least in the same position as men, there will be no substantial changes in the company’s corporate structure or its overall operation. Organizations should develop a deep understanding of their staff, their supervisors, their clients, and their entire organization in order to promote equality in every facet of the company. Women who seek advancement within a company should not hesitate to speak up and ask for gender equality in the workplace.

Creating equality in the workplace does not have to be accomplished overnight. Companies should create an environment that is supportive of women and provides them with the tools that they need to advance in their careers. If women feel empowered and know that they are competent in their fields of interest, they will feel less intimidated to pursue advancement in their field. Creating equality in the workforce also promotes a more equal society.

Women who become leaders can set the pace of change in any industry or corporation. Many women are motivated by their passion for a particular cause or issue. Women who possess a strong commitment to their cause may not show this enthusiasm for other things as well. It is important to realize that not all organizations are progressive toward issues of gender. If women feel comfortable bringing forth issues of gender in the workplace, it makes it much easier for other women to do the same.

Women can accomplish remarkable results in both the private and public sectors if they are promoted and given leadership posts. A company cannot survive without good leaders. Although women have made great strides in education, health care, technology, and other industries, the time is definitely ripe for women to step forward and fill significant roles in the workforce. As the years go by, more women will be empowered and will be able to achieve true equality in the workplace.

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