Travel Africa Safely and Enjoyably

If you’re planning to Travel Africa, you may have some questions about safety and how to best see the continent. Here are some tips. Learn about safety and overlanding, how to avoid ‘African Time’ taxi drivers, and how to take a private safari. You can also save money by self-guiding your own safari, and you can choose what activities you want to do based on your preferences.

Safety precautions

One of the main safety concerns when traveling in Africa is the risk of crime. Though crime rates are low in most countries in the continent, some areas have a higher risk than others. For example, Sierra Leone and Liberia are well known for their high crime rates. South Africa has also earned its reputation as a dangerous place to travel. Carjackings and muggings are common and pickpocketing is widespread. As a result, it is a good idea to carry money in a pocket inside your jacket. Similarly, you should carry your passport in a small bag around your waist or neck.

Overlanding in Africa

If you’re interested in an exciting adventure, overlanding in Africa might be just the thing. This adventure involves driving 100% of the distance between two points – Cape Town to Nairobi, for instance. You’ll need a truck and a decent amount of time. The roads are often terrible, so make sure to double-check directions on Google maps.

Avoiding ‘African Time’ taxi drivers

Avoiding ‘African Time’ taxis while traveling to Africa is a wise move. Taxi drivers in Africa are often unreliable, and it is vital to avoid them. Many of these drivers have no training or experience in taxi services and therefore have little incentive to give you good service. Here are some tips on how to avoid them.

Taking a private safari

Private safaris are a great way to travel in Africa without a large group. You can set your own schedule and not have to worry about sharing a vehicle with other tourists. These safaris also enable you to stay at smaller lodges with fewer guests. This allows you to spend more time doing what you love and enjoy more privacy.

Avoiding lion attacks

While lions rarely hunt humans for food, they can attack humans when they are starving. Moreover, humans make an easy target for lions. You can avoid lion attacks by being very careful when hiking in lion ranges. Also, be sure to stay in a group and avoid camping in areas where lions are known to live.

Avoiding elephant encounters

Elephants can be a dangerous animal, so if you want to avoid an encounter, be sure to keep your distance. Elephants can quickly become aggressive and aggravated, making them more likely to charge you. If you do see an elephant charging at you, try to stay calm and follow the signs that the animal is mock charging.

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