Finding Joy in Solo Travel as a Woman

As tourism opens up all over the world, more travellers are taking on the challenge of going solo. While their behaviours and motivations are diverse, Statista reports how many women who do solo travel want the flexibility it brings, as they are empowered to take a break from daily life. As a woman, you may have concerns about the safety and other concerns associated with travelling solo, but the benefits it reaps are worth a try. Solo travel tests your courage, patience, and willingness to go the extra mile and outside your comfort zone. Furthermore, it can bring you memorable experiences that you can carry for the rest of your life. Here are some ways women can enjoy solo travel:

Support your well-being

Travel is a great way to support your mental well-being. A study entitled “Solo Travel and Well-Being Amongst Women” found that through travel and exploration, women are able to build new connections with themselves and others. Being able to expose themselves to different situations often opens room for different personal improvements like self-development, self-realisation, happiness, and freedom, to name a few. Women are also able to participate in different social activities, such as local activities, sports, and even blogging or vlogging, which allows them to connect further with like-minded people. Through these positive experiences, women are given the opportunity to get away from daily routines and boost their well-being.

Relish in luxury

When you travel with family, friends, or children, it can be difficult to budget and upgrade your trip at the same time. Travelling alone, of course, frees you from these additional considerations — and you can put your own needs and wants first, even if for just a few days. One of the most relaxing and luxurious ways to travel is by boat. Explora Cruises showcase how indulgent ocean travel can be, with their nine international cuisine experiences, spa amenities, and unlimited beverages to spoil you. While it’s tempting to buy different souvenirs, travel offers many opportunities you wouldn’t otherwise have experienced. Spending on experiences rather than things can even let you have priceless moments, like making new friends at an exclusive bar or enjoying a delicious course-meal by yourself.

Enjoy the simple things

On the other hand, travelling by yourself can allow you to enjoy the simple things of life, without worrying about other people’s needs — which is something us women are prone to do. As shared in our post “Simplify My Life – You Can Do It Too”, you can have a more relaxed routine and personalised mindset on what are the things you value and want to keep. In the case of travel, you can opt for more budget-friendly accommodations and spend your money on local cultural experiences and activities instead. The Artist Residence in Brighton, for instance, is located in a tall stone townhouse close enough to the beach, so you can fully appreciate the eclectic and vibrant social scene around the area — or just lounge quietly around the residence. This flexibility to enjoy a simplistic lifestyle can go a long way, helping you maximise a refreshing travel experience.

Improve physical health

While not all vacations may feature intense fitness routines, travelling provides the space to go beyond the confines of your home. In recent years, many people have been working from home and sometimes tend to live a sedentary life, increasing their risk for physical disorders. Through solo travelling, you get to engage your body through sightseeing, hiking, or other activities like swimming at your own pace. Another perk of physical activity is that it increases the production of endorphins, your brain’s feel-good neurotransmitters, boosting your overall mood. These contribute to the betterment of your overall health, both physically and mentally.

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