Eco friendly wedding gift ideas

Planning a wedding is stressful at the best of times, you have the venue, guests and everything else to organise and worry about. To add to the planning, it is now more important than ever to consider our effects on the environment and if we can at least make an effort to reduce our impacts then, that is no bad thing.

It’s no secret that getting married is expensive, potentially less recognised is how expensive being a wedding guest can be. You have the new outfits to buy, travelling expenses, potential hotel rooms and then cost of drinks in the evening, it can very quickly add up into the hundreds of pounds. Due to this, it is not uncommon for wedding couples to want to give a gesture of thanks for attending their big day. So what environmentally friendly wedding favours can you give to guests?

Seeds packets

If you have a quick browse on etsy, you’ll see hundreds of suppliers offering custom designed seed packs. You can create your very own design with names and dates as a little memento of your day, just ensure the seed packaging is plastic free like in biodegradable paper bags. Once your guests plant the seeds they will have a regular reminder of your special day that also helps the little eco system in their garden.

Vegan soap

Why not give your guests a little fragrant gift of handmade soaps? To be the most environmentally friendly option, look for vegan suppliers that do not use palm oil. The soaps can be infused with petals, dried fruit or other delicious scents. You could even take a course and make them yourself!

Tiny tipples

Weddings are a time to celebrate and what better way to do just that than raising a toast? Having mini spirit bottles on the tables or homebrewed gin always goes down a treat. If you’d rather save the hassle and glass bottles, arranging it with your venue to have in shot glasses ready on the table is an easy no fuss option. Just remember to have non alcoholic options for those who do not drink and children.

Printed paper bags

If you’re planning on giving your guests a little treat at your wedding why not place it in a little paper bag, you could decorate them with print and make their gift extra special. Once they’ve used the gift inside then can they compost or reuse the bags to help the environment.

The main thing is not to stress too much about wedding favours, everyone who is attending your special day is there because they care about seeing you tie the knot, not because they care about the potential wedding gift.

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