Best Types of Bins to Use to Store Your Items

Did you know the type of storage bin you use to store your items makes a difference? It should come as no surprise to you that the longevity of your items is dependent on how they are stored and what they are stored in. For example, storing pictures in a thin cardboard box will not yield the best results for those pictures.

It is wise for you to take some time to consider how long you need to store your items and then consider the types of boxes and bins that you plan to use. If you do not, you run the risk of damaging some of your most precious and valuable items.

If you will be storing some of your items soon, continue reading below to learn more about the best types of bins to use in a storage unit near you.

Forego the Cardboard

While cardboard boxes are ideal for moving, they are not ideal for long-term storage. The reason is because they are easily damaged, and they do not hold up as well as other options. Of course, cardboard boxes are the cheapest option out there, but depending on what you are storing and for how long, you want to simply skip this option altogether and reserve them for moving only.

On a side note, cardboard boxes are known to attract pests such as silverfish and rodents, so keep this in mind, especially if you plan to utilize an outdoor storage unit.

Clear Plastic Bins Are Ideal

Clear plastic bins are an ideal option for a couple different reasons. First, they are sturdy and offer support for the items that you put in them. Secondly, you can see through the tote, so you know exactly what is stored inside without having to dig through the box each time.

While plastic bins will be more expensive to purchase initially, they will prove to be the more economical choice over time, as they will last and provide protection for your items.

Special Packaging for Unique Items

While clear plastic bins are the bin of choice, you should always place unique and valuable items in special packaging, when you can. For example, you should consider storing a computer in the box it came in or purchasing special zippered protective storage for chinaware.

Special packaging can help provide the most protection for your valuables and will come in handy over the years.

Think Longevity and Protection

As you decide what types of bins and boxes to use for storage, think about how long you plan to store the items and what types of items you will store. Consider how protected you want your items to be and how long you want them to last.

Remember, the more time you spend in protecting your items for storage, the longer they will last.

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